Captain Kinne House


The Grounds



Over two hundred years ago, when George Washington was president, Captain Kinne, along with his wife and children, started the farm. Over the course of two generations, it grew into a large and prosperous homestead and included grain farming, timber harvesting, quarrying, milling, and other enterprises as well. Today, several remaining small and large outbuildings are still standing. They include barns, a smokehouse, a millhouse, and a corn crib, among others. Our guests are free to roam around the spacious grounds and explore these treasured pieces of history.


With a Past

Drill Field

Walk across to the historic “drill field” where Captain Kinne is said to have drilled the local militia in the frontier days of the George Washington era.

The Smoke house

meats in the early days of the farm still stands today, an authentic piece of history.

Bubbling Creek

Stroll down the back lawn to the Bubbling Creek that meanders through the property or relax by the small pond nearby.